Cronkite Graduate Students Explore Arizona K-12 Funding

When it comes to school funding, Arizona is at the bottom of the class.

Arizona is 48th in the nation when it comes to state K-12 education funding. After a lawsuit brought on by school districts followed by a lengthy legislative battle for improved funding, Gov. Doug Ducey signed a three-bill package that would pump $3.5 billion into public education throughout the next ten years.

The 2015-2016 graduate class at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication investigated funding challenges and their impact on education across the state.

This project includes a variety of coverage unique to the individuals who worked on it. From sports programs to music education, from teachers in the classroom to the state's education budget, this project explores the depth of the crisis here in Arizona.

"I think part of what makes this group different was the angles and perspectives everyone had coming into this project,” said Brian Snyder, production manager. “I really think we covered this topic in a deeper way, and that's due to everyone's particular input what they were able to contribute.”

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