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“It is not enough anymore for students just to be doing well in academics. A well-rounded student should also be active outside of the classroom, such as joining these extracurricular activities, like arts or sports. And these things should be accessible to every single student, not just some," -Cheryl Neuser, assistant principal

The Price of Sports

By Ao Gao | Dec. 8, 2015

In Title I schools, tight school district budgets mean parents have to take on more of the cost of their children's participation in extracurricular activities.

Brent Weinberg has been teaching P.E. for 20 years at Fremont Junior High school and also coaches football at Desert Ridge High School. Weinberg said that he's seen many kids who were embarrassed to ask for money to participate in sports.

“Things have changed throughout the years here. It’s very different compared to when I started coaching 20 years ago," Weinberg said.

He said the price parents pay for their children's participation in sports has increased.

“The funding keeps being cut and schools have to charge parents more on extracurriculars, around $700 first, then $100 here, and another $200 there. As a coach, it’s heartbreaking to see these kids who couldn’t do anything in sports because of funding cuts,” Weinberg said.

As a result of funding cuts, some coaches' salaries have been lowered, especially at schools that don't have booster clubs to help make up for the budget cuts.

Summary of funding reductions from 2012-2015 in Scottsdale Unified School District. Due to budget cuts, schools and parents are actively seeking ways to support students. They are working to raise money through booster club fundraisers, school fundraisers, advertisements at events, and extra assistance from the district.

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