Music and Money

By Elizabeth S. Hansen | Dec. 8, 2015

"Music is what makes us more human. We are more understanding when we use a common language, and music is a common language."

- Lisa Olson, Parent and Teacher

A lack of education funding for music programs in Arizona forces students, teachers and parents to sacrifice time and money to make up the difference.

The low funding means a lack of basic music supplies and fewer student opportunities, which can undermine the benefits that studying music offers.

Any instrument is better than no instrument, according to several music teachers and students, especially when it saves them the cost of new instruments, which can cost more than $500 on one alone.

But according to Mesa band director Aaron Vogel the school will eventually need new instruments, because “they’re dented. The brass is corroded. You can see the green on the student’s hands [from the rubbed-off finish]."

Music can have a profound effect on your mind, health, and emotions. Click the infographic to discover some of those effects.