Arizona’s Education Standards

The Relationship Between Common Core and Arizona

By Sabella Scalise | Dec. 8, 2015

"We have to remember these students are people...and we need to have adequate support systems to have these needs met so they can focus in the classroom.”- Elora Diaz

“Common Core standards should not have changed the curriculum and they shouldn’t have changed what happened in the classroom, yet some how they did,” - State Superintendent Diane Douglas

The standards adopted by the state of Arizona to challenge students are now dragging the state and its education system through the dust.

Creators of Common Core believe these unified standards would bring United States education to a more challenging and dynamic learning level. But Common Core was implemented during the middle of a funding crisis.

Arizona now has to face its Common Core standard needs in addition to underfunding.

And the students and teachers are at the front of the struggle.

There is no money in Arizona to fund new resources in order for teachers to instruct correctly and for students to learn Common Core.

“We have to remember these students are people,” Arizona teacher Elora Diaz said. “And we need to have adequate support systems to have these needs met so they can focus in the classroom.”

While the politicians are debating and figuring out funding, the students and teachers are still doing their best to work with Common Core’s current marriage with Arizona’s underfunded state.

In this graphic, we are comparing Arizona, 48th in overall school funding to Massachusetts, the number one in overall school funding. Common Core is the education standards both states have been working with since the 2013-14 school year. But, we must also look at the overall picture of what states resources look like to fund Common Core.

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