Dan Spiegel, Bartender

A Place With Personality

A teenage boy is crouched with his back up against the bricks. He’s wearing beat-up skate shoes and reading one of the free weekend papers. Seated a few feet away, sipping coffee and tea and eating tuna salad, are two men with briefcases. A man in patched clothes walks past with his dog in tow and two red sleeping bags under his arms.

A girl with her hair in three tight braids puts outfits together for the store window display. People in business suits wearing backpacks, a young man carrying paintbrushes in his breast pocket, and a few teenagers dressed in black shirts with pins in their faces, playing with a yoyo—it’s people-watching on Mill Avenue.

Whether it’s the legendary New Year’s Eve block party or a Thursday morning in November, the people are what breathe life into the downtown area.

Colby Fox, Tattoo Artist
Mark Panza, Bookseller
Clay Poulson, Imports Store Owner

December 12, 2003
© 2003 JMC 425


All photos by Kirsten Roth