Patrons relax with drinks at Long Wong's.

A Little Spice
by Kirsten Roth

Whether you want to listen to live
music and eat hot wings or stand
elbow to elbow and watch girls dance
on the bar, Mill Avenue has a little
something for everybody.

Featured on these pages is only a taste
of what Mill Avenue has to offer at night. They

include Long Wong's, a laid-back
bar famous for its hot wings and live
music; The Library, a bar noted for
its Coyote Ugly ambiance; and The Big Bang,
a newly opened dueling piano bar that fosters
group participation from the clientele.

Artists from every walk of life also find common
ground by coming down to Mill. Teenagers
frequently lay their handcrafted hemp jewelry out
on blankets right on the sidewalk for people to view.
Pontiac, a guitar player with flare, wears a big,
black cowboy hat and yellow sunglasses as he
belts out tunes. And Savar, a recent immigrant from
Turkey, displays his spray-paint art on the sidewalk.
All of them are looking for business from the crowds
that Mill draws at night.

In addition to the bar scene, numerous
restaurants and two movie theaters give someone
looking for a relaxing evening plenty of choices.

With all the bars, music, dining, art, and movies,
Mill Avenue is a colorful and diverse place
to spend an evening.


Amanda Singleton and Chelsea Patterson dance on the bar during their shift at The Library.

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December 12, 2003
© 2003 JMC 425
All photos by Kirsten Roth