Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is photo enforcement?

A: Photo enforcement is the controversial and widespread use of specialized technology to monitor, document and follow up on drivers’ violations of road laws. Learn and discover more about photo enforcement’s definition and background.

Q: What are the main arguments of the two sides, for and against photo enforcement?

A: The controversy surrounding photo enforcement typically centers on issues regarding safety, legality, ethics and financial gains. Read more about the key issues at play in the photo enforcement debate.

Q: What types of equipment do photo enforcement programs use?

A: Photo enforcement technology has evolved and expanded since its inception and early use. Modern photo enforcement utilizes multiple approaches and forms of technology.

Q: Where is photo enforcement used in the U.S.? Does my state use photo enforcement? If so, what type?

A: Currently, half of the states in the US, plus Washington, D.C., currently utilize photo enforcement programs. To see if your state uses photo enforcement and which types of photo enforcement (red-light, speeding or both) it uses, refer to the color-coded background map.

Q: I have some opinions, questions or comments about photo enforcement I’d like to express! How can I do that?

A: Interactive and informational, offers its users the opportunity to provide responses, feedback, information, links to news stories and outside organizations, ideas, comments, questions, and more using the various polls and forms throughout the site to elicit your thoughts.