Photo Enforcement Equipment Suppliers -- Global supplier of photo enforcement equipment and services. -- American Traffic Solutions, global supplier of photo enforcment equipment and services. -- Gatsometer, the first company to produce photo enforcement equipment.

Protest Groups -- Protest group, founded in the Phoenix area but now in other metropolitan areas. -- Activist information website.

Information Sites -- information on the State of Arizona's program. -- information on Scottsdale AZ's program. -- information on Tempe, AZ's program. -- provides detailed information on the current laws in place regarding photo enforcement, for each U.S. state. -- a report on recent poll results statewide in Arizona. -- the text of the propositions on the 2010 ballot designed to restrict/photo enforcement use (see C-05, I-01 and I-02). Includes downloadable PDFs with the details. -- a comprehensive list of every community (i.e. city, for the most part) in the US using photo enforcement programs, divided by type.
-- actual page of a 1905 "Popular Mechanics" article reporting an early conceptualization of a photo enforcement system.