Homeless ≠ Voiceless

Homeless does not equal voiceless



Students will visit local St. Vincent de Paul to interview members of the homeless community

Phoenix, Ariz. November 28, 2011- Arizona State University's student chapter of Society of Professional Journalists is bringing a voice to the local homeless community. Seven students will spend an entire day at St. Vincent de Paul in downtown Phoenix.

"This is an incredible community outreach program that also challenges aspiring journalists," said chapter president Anne Stegen.

Starting 11 a.m. on Dec. 4, the members will meet and promptly head to the shelter. A guided tour will familiarize them with the building and after, students will begin the process of interviewing those visiting the shelter for lunch.

Various tasks have been divided among the group, to create a multi-media approach to the issue. Feature stories, videos, photography and social media are on the agenda. The chapter has begun using the hash tag "#SPJvoices" to tweet about upcoming details of the project and will continue to use it throughout the day Dec. 4.

After efficiently gathering information, the students will return to the Cronkite School and begin working. Dean and Vice Provost of the Downtown Campus Christopher Callahan will edit their stories late Sunday afternoon.

By the end of the day, a pristinely designed website will house the students' stories, videos and photographs. Several of the members are underclassmen and have never had stories published before.

"A similar project is what inspired me to be a leader at the Cronkite School. We want to kindle a similar passion for journalism and service in freshmen and all of our members," said Stegen.

ABOUT- SPJ is a professional organization that includes broadcast, print and online journalists, journalism educators, and students interested in journalism as a career. The ASU chapter helps students network with local news figures and teach various journalism skills. The club has had major events so far this year, including News Jeopardy and Slice N' Dice, a resume critiquing event. This year's officers are: Anne Stegen, president; Corie Stark, vice president; Jane Lednovich, treasurer and Daniel Escobedo, secretary.