Devil's Tale



Erika Wurst loves pie, but not just any pie. Her favorite is the homemade pie sold at the café atop Mount Lemmon. Even after the devastating fires of 2003, nothing can stop this café from selling its pies and Erika from having another slice!



The first few days of spring mean only one thing to sport fans: March Madness. For a closer look at the behind-the-scene madness in Las Vegas, we turn to Adam Wright.



It has been said that Vegas was built on sports parlays and that sports betting and Las Vegas go hand-in-hand.



A self-proclaimed city girl explores the Superstition Mountains and takes readers on a romp through a landscape peppered with ancient volcanoes, yellow wildflowers, and jumping jack chollas.



In Arizona’s Kartchner Caverns the motto is “Look, but don’t touch!” These caves are more than 200,000 years old, and the “eggs,” “bacon,” and “turnips” are still hanging strong.



Rob Adams details his visit to Tucson’s Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. Guests can choose from a wide variety of activities, such as horseback lessons, hiking, and mountain biking on this beautiful resort-style ranch.



Built by the inmates themselves in 1876, the Yuma Territorial Prison was said to be the most advanced prison of its time. Visitors can still glimpse this fascinating relic of Arizona’s past.



Kim Brooks-Blum spent four years teaching at an international boarding school in Kenya, educating students in American literature while learning many lessons herself. Enjoy Kim’s poem about her experiences in Africa.



You don’t have to be rich to look like a Vegas high roller. Vegas Dream Car Rentals can rent you a luxury or sports car or a day. Also learn the best spots for souvenirs, desserts, and more.



Kris Bolster was looking for a small town with friendly conversation and free parking. She found it in Christopher Creek, Arizona.




Dianna Nañez left the hustle of the city for a day of wine and dessert in rural Arizona. But the ruins of Fort Bowie had something else in store for her.



When Adam Wallin wanted to take a break and get out of town, he and three friends headed to Aravaipa Canyon. The canyon is filled with beautiful scenery, has a river runnin’ through it, and is a prime spot for the adventure of a lifetime.



You don’t have to trek to California or France to visit a vineyard. Four wineries in Elgin, Arizona, offer a taste of how they do vino in the valley.


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