Devil's Tale



Students at the Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University produced the visual stories below. Enjoy!


Images of Vancouver

An ASU student who hails from north of the border provides an intimate portrait of his hometown.




Images of America

Baseball and NASCAR, hot dogs and beer—they’re all-American staples.




What's Cooking?

La Dawn Yazzie dreamed of a culinary career right out of high school. Now a student at Scottsdale Community College, she might go back to the Navajo Reservation to work—or she might pursue a bachelors degree.



I Smell Flowers in the Air

Those who think the desert is barren and desolate should come to Arizona in springtime in Arizona.





Photographer Aldei Gregoire grew up on Maui, where his childhood activities included everything from swimming and snorkeling to body surfing and fishing.



Prescription Prayers

Dr. David Tellez, a Phoenix doctor, asks to pray with all his patients. Find out how prayer helps a boy near death make a complete recovery.



Hoop Dancers

Native Americans from all over the country compete in the annual World Championship Hoop Dance Contest at the Heard Museum in Phoenix.



Off the Beaten Path

Students venture all over the Southwest, from pristine Canyonlands National Park in Utah to the old mining town of Bisbee, Arizona.



Under 21

Join the under-21 set for football, swimming, studying, and some good ol’ goofing off.



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