Devil's Tale



Known as “Dr. Fun,” ASU professor Dr. Mary-Lou Galician teaches the mass media course on Sex, Love and Romance in the Media. Dr. Fun strives to educate students on the false realities and myths of love and romance in the media.



Eileen Proctor, former e-commerce executive, quit her day job and started a doggy daycare. Because of It’s a Ruff Life and its owner, Valley dogs are having more fun during their day.



Phoenix pediatrician David Tellez believes in the power of prayer, and he uses it as often as someone uses aspirin for a headache. But how effective is it?



Created by Latino immigrants in 1924, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, in downtown Phoenix, has served the descendants of those first founders for generations. But now Phoenix’s oldest Hispanic church is returning to its roots as Latino immigrants fill the pews and claim Immaculate Heart their own.



Kris Mayes was once an ASU political science student and State Press editor. Now she’s a commissioner on the Arizona Corporation Commission under Governor Janet Napolitano.



Ann Siner is a Valley woman carving out a successful business. She combines that with helping homeless animals get another shot at life.



Ron “Silverhammers” Shubin leads a dual life: He’s Phoenix Police Department sergeant by day, cowboy by night. He has discovered the Cowboy Way and ain’t never lettin’ it go.




You’ve seen him tumble and do flips at football games. You look for his devilish smirk in every game crowd. But who are the students who portray Sparky, the ASU mascot? And why would they be willing to put up with the sneers, the jeers, and the punching fists?



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