Central Arizona

phoenix metro A summer monsoon passes through downtown Phoenix in this view from South Mountain. The growth of central Arizona has pushed the capital city into the top five most populous metropolitan areas in the U.S.
Photo by Brandon Quester

The first Phoenix schoolhouse and Marilyn Monroe—where she wasn't a student.

A New Mexico trading post, Victor Cedarstaff, the Phoenix Convention Center and Phoenix light rail—tied together by an Arizona symbol.

Issac Hayes, Reba McIntire, Dean Martin, Glen Campbell and Dean Martin sang a popular song.

Dick Van Dyke, a huge sundial, cowboys and caviar can take your worries away.

Martin Luther King Jr. cost Arizona the Super Bowl. Sort of.

Canals connect a famous Native American soldier to Iwo Jima.

"Sufferin' succotash!" A way Sylvester could finally catch Tweety.

"Anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a court of law."

Miss Kitty didn't want anyone to die.

Navajo Code Talkers are at Burger King, but not for the food.

Cookie Monster wasn't around in the 19th century, but he's connected to a three-time Phoenix mayor from the era.

How cool would it have been if John McCain, Alice Cooper, Glen Campbell, Leandro Barbosa and Jeffrey Peterson all hung out?

Watch your step! There's a sticky link between the Biltmore Hotel and chewing gum.

You should have abandoned ship and picked up the pieces of your sweet, shattered dreams.

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