Being There and Making a Difference

Being a Humphrey Fellow also means being an active part of the Community. The Phoenix group volunteered their time and expertise through a Farm Day project with the Foundation for Blind Children and through their involvement with local community gardens and other important causes.

Alex writes a letter to a soldier at Phoenix Community Service for Martin Luther King J. Holiday

Host Families

During the Humphrey year every Fellow has a Host Family. The idea is to have somebody to lean on in the first days of settlement in the new town and to develop firm bonds with local community. Host families really helped the first Cronkite cohort to adjust in the heart of the desert. The cultural exchange between helped both host familise and fellows helped to gain a deeper understanding of human values that unite all nations across the world. But, what really makes this cross-cultural experience so exceptional is creating relationships that evolve into lifelong friendships!

Friedman Host Family

Aleksandra's hosts, Meri and Steve Friedman adopted more fellows and took care of them