TV Show - Change, An Incredible Journey

CHANGE. Progress, growth, civilization would not be possible without change. Change can be overwhelming at times. But change must be harnessed. The 10 Humphrey Fellows, the very first of their kind at the Cronkite School, embraced change, and championed it. This is their story... And the beginning of the half-hour TV show they made up together.

ASU Universe
Night in the Monument Valley, image created by the group's Navajo guide Carlos Mose


Radio Reflections

The first generation of Humphrey Fellows at the Cronkite School have experienced a lot of change over the past ten months. Listen to the podcast to hear their stories about culture shock, personal growth, and transforming their communities. Just clik on the photo.

Around the Fire
The oldest form of communication - sitting by the fire and telling stories



Design by our PDY colleague Toshe Ognjanov. The booklet was proudly presented at the Graduation Celebration on April 27th 2011. You can read it right now if you click on it.


Contact vie Email and Social Media

You can contact anyone of the Cronkite Humphrey Fellows Generation One through the links on their individual About pages that will pop up when you clik on their faces, or join them online:

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The carricature of the Cronkite Humphrey team that misteriously appeared on the whiteboard in the Global Office